Private Label

Bub ‘n Mutha’s is a spice blending company. While we are very proud of all of the flavors we’ve developed, you may need one of those flavors or an entirely new flavor for marketing with your own label.

Our team offers significant advantages.
1. Our goal is to use and/or develop flavors you choose because you know your customers better than we ever will. You have the final approval on all recipes.
2. We can help with label production, size and other input to make your new brand of rubs and blends a massive success story.
3. If you choose one of our flavors to private label, we will not add any new stores that would carry our flavors in your market area.
4. Minimum ordering. We understand that it may not be practical for you to commit to thousands of bottles before you know how it will sell. Our team will determine what a reasonable minimum order would be based solely on time, design, development, and production.

Create Your Private Label Product Today!

If you think private label products are in your future, let’s talk. We have the talent and capabilities, the references and access to the ingredients to make your brand a hit in your store. Simply fill out the contact form.  Note your interest in the comments box for “Private Label,” and we’ll be in touch.

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