Bub’n Mutha’s: Take Your Tastebuds on a Flavor Adventure!
Bub’n Mutha’s ain’t messin’ around when it comes to flavor. We craft award-winning, all-natural spice rubs designed to turn any grill master into a backyard BBQ legend. Whether you’re a seasoned pit boss or just starting out, our rubs will have your taste buds singin’ the praises of Bub’n Mutha’s!

Here’s the lowdown on all nine of our incredible flavors:

  • Downeast Dinnah Dust: This is the OG Bub’n Mutha’s rub, a versatile blend that’s perfect for purists who love the taste of good ol’ fashioned BBQ. 
  • Honey’n Heat: Our multi-award-winning rub is a sweet and spicy masterpiece. Honey balances the heat for a flavor that’s both finger-lickin’ good and downright addictive. 
  • Chixx Dig It: Calling all chicken lovers! This poultry powder is specially designed to bring out the best in your feathered friends. 
  • Sonofa Brisket: This rub is a brisket’s best friend. It’s packed with flavor to make your slow-cooked masterpiece melt in your mouth. 
  • Hog Heaven: Swine never had it so good! Hog Heaven is the perfect pig powder, infusing your pork with a flavor that’ll have everyone at the table oinkin’ for more. 
  • Johnny Bravo: This all-purpose rub is an all-around crowd-pleaser. Named after a true American hero, 100% of the profits go to Veteran Charities. Season anything and everything with Johnny Bravo for a taste of gratitude. 
  • Mud Bug Boil & Crab Coating: Calling all seafood lovers! This unique blend is specially formulated to elevate your next boil. Shrimp, crawfish, or crabs – Mud Bug Boil & Crab Coating will have you saying “Bubba bless!” 
  • Carolina Gold: This new addition to the Bub’n Mutha’s family is a mustard-based rub with a tangy kick, perfect for those who love the bold, vinegar-forward flavors of Carolina BBQ. 
  • Bango Mango: This sweet and savory rub with a hint of fruit is perfect for those looking for something a little different. Try it on chicken, pork, or even fish for a flavor explosion! 

Don’t just take our word for it – Bub’n Mutha’s rubs are: 

  • All-natural: No preservatives, just pure flavor. 
  • Award-winning: We’ve been recognized for our deliciousness! 
  • Versatile: From chicken to seafood, our rubs can be used on anything! 
Ready to level up your grilling game? Find your perfect Bub’n Mutha’s rub today!
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