Bub’s Chicken Wings


Here’s a recipe that’s a Superbowl favorite that I started making up in Maine when I first started Bub ‘n Mutha’s Dry Rubs.  Now that we’ve relocated to Columbia and are at Soda City and other area events, people really seem to like this recipe and it’s a cook-it-anywhere kind of recipe.  You can do it in the oven when the weather is bad, on a smoker or a grill.
Prep time – 5 minutes.
Cook time – Varies on medium used
I’m showing the oven version.  For grill or smoker, cook the way you’d normally cook wings.  NOTE: With wings being at record high prices and low availability, you can use drumsticks and for more fun, lollypop the drumsticks.


Bone-in Chicken Wings
Bub n’ Mutha’s Honey ‘n Heat
Soy Sauce
Cooking oil (your choice)

1. Set oven to 225 and pre-heat.

NOTE:  Soy sauce and oil should be in equal parts.  Make as much as needed to cover the amount of wings you will be cooking.  (1/2 cup of each per batch will cover 24 wings very well.)

2. Mix oil, soy sauce and 1-2 TBL. Bub ‘n Mutha’s Honey ‘n Heat until well blended.

3. Pour over the wings in a ziplock bag or vacuum seal bag or small container that has a locking cover. Shake till all the wings are covered and let sit for a minimum of 2 hours in the fridge.

3. For indoors, place wings on a baking sheet. Sprinkle as much of Bub n’ Mutha’s Honey ‘n Heat as you can stand on one side.

4. Place in the oven at 225 for an hour. After one hour, turn the pieces over and sprinkle more Honey ‘n Heat on the new side repeat for an additional 45 minutes to an hour.

5. If using a grill, I prefer to let the wings cook a while indirectly away from the charcoal. For a smoker, do what you usually do, however, with grill or smoker, put the Honey ‘n Heat on both sides before placing them on the grate.

Once they are done, we like to switch to the broiler setting and place the chicken in for 2 to 3 minutes on each side to really crisp up the skin.


Chicken Wing Recipe

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